Our Philosophy: Keep it Simple. 

Unlike other mills that have complicated pricing grids, we offer one-size-fits-all pricing.  For $12.50 per pound of incoming weight (in the grease) we will tumble, wash, pick, and card your fiber into roving or batting that will be easy to work with.

1. Tumbling

Tumbling is simply that; putting the fiber in a chamber and moving it around like in a dryer, except that the chamber allows for small particles like vegetable matter and second cuts to fall out.  This makes the end product much nicer to work with.  This is a relatively new service that not all mills are offering yet!

3. Picking

This step opens up and separates the locks and clumps of fiber. It helps to create a smoother product through the carder. It will remove some vegetable matter and second cuts, but not all. 

2. Washing

We use a powerful scouring agent meant specifically for wool to remove the dirt and lanolin. We will not card in the grease. Please do not wash your fiber prior to sending it to us.  


4. Carding

Our powerful carder was built for long and exotic fibers.  We have processed wool up to 13" with no problem, but have a minimum length of 2.5" 



The most popular choice with carding is to have the fiber made into roving.  This makes a long rope of fiber that can be used for spinning or felting.  Our carder makes bumps of roving on its own and we typically make bumps in the 4-8 oz range. 



Batting is the other option of end product when carding.  This is more of a sheet of fiber and is popular for large felting projects.  Batting is also sometimes made when the fiber will not hold together well enough for roving.