Send Us Your Fiber

We are excited to process your fiber! At this time we are confident processing Icelandic and Icelandic cross wool, huacaya alpaca, and llama.  If you have another type of fiber you would like processed we are happy to try a small sample before we commit to a large order, please contact us to arrange this. Our Patrick Green Carder is specifically built to handle long and exotic fibers.  Please read all the notes and then click on the order form below to get started!


  • We can process fiber from 2.5" to 13"- yes that means we can do those long Icelandic lamb fleeces!

  • Divide your fiber into batches based on how you want them processed, we will do each batch all at once and clean the equipment in between batches. 

  • Every bag or fiber container must be labeled with your name and the batch number you assign on the order form in order to ensure proper processing and that you get your own fiber back. 

  • We require a 50% deposit on your order before processing. You will be notified when your order has been processed and balance will be due prior to shipment. Orders left unpaid for 60 days will become the property of Second Twist Fiber.

  • Minimum batch size of 1 lb. 

  • Not all fiber can be made into roving on its own. This could be due to length, strength, or ratio of tog to thel.  The options are then to have it processed into batting or have us add additional fiber to help it hold together. You indicate your preference on the order form. We will bill you for any additional fiber used.

  • Fiber that is received with any evidence of present or past moth infestations will be returned at the customer's expense.

  • Please skirt all fiber before shipping it to remove manure tags, large pieces of vegetable matter, overly dirty parts, second cuts, etc. We will not spend time skirting your fiber, and fiber that is too matted, dirty, or full of debris for our equipment will be returned at the customer's expense. 

  • While our processing equipment can remove some vegetable matter and debris, the end product will reflect the amount of vegetable matter and debris present when it was shipped. 



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